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Lester Elementary School

Downers Grove, Illinois

User Capacity: 343
Dedicated Play Space: 4,254 sq. ft.
Fundraising Goal: $258,145

About Lester Elementary School: Lester Elementary School serves nearly 500 students in Downers Grove, Illinois, from Kindergarten to the 6th grade. The staff at Lester Elementary school works hard to do the best they can for each student they come into contact with. They strive to create learning environments that promote learning for all children, regardless of their abilities.
Life skills, good character, and a love of learning are the top philosophies at Lester Elementary. Students follow the “Golden Rule” and are taught treat each other as they would like to be treated. All students, from grades K-6 are expected to show respect, responsibility, and kindness through their actions towards one another.
The staff at Lester Elementary School believe that communication is the key to success. They encourage the involvement of volunteers and parents to reinforce the commitment to education and the home-school connection.
Like other schools in the Downers Grove area, the playground at Lester Elementary School holds outdated equipment. Luckily, the school was a recipient of the Yorktown Center School Bucks Program prize for the 2016-2017 school year. The funds will improve the school’s learning and play equipment.

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