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Henry Puffer Elementary School — which is located on the northwest side of Downers Grove, Illinois — currently features an outdated playground. The only play equipment in the yard is a single, antiquated swing that is designed for use by children with limiting physical disabilities.

 In addition to schoolchildren, the playground is a regular recreational destination for grandparents and parents in the community. They visit the grounds for park district sporting events and play with their young family members. Unfortunately, Henry Puffer’s playground no longer aligns with many of the current safety guidelines.

 Henry Puffer Elementary School emphasizes physical activity and the importance of play. They use programs like the annual Lung Run, Weekly Walking Club, and the American Heart Association’s Jump for Heart to instill these values in their students. They are one of the proud recipients of a fund from the Yorktown Center School Bucks Program prize for the 2016-2017 school year. The prize money will go towards new improvements both within the school and outside, including aiding in the building of new, universally-designed playground equipment.

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